Educational Forums

Designed around the topics of self-esteem, relationships, boundaries, self-care, finance and leadership, these workshops will empower and equip women with tools to live the full and abundant life. Some of the workshop topics will include Finding Your Voice in Today’s Society, Remaining Positive in a Hostile Environment, Living with HIV, Understanding Bereavement, and Women and Depression.

Empowerment Initiatives

These life-changing, empowerment programs are structured specifically to transform the lives of women so that they live life anew, with purpose. The nine-month program, A Remarkable Woman, is designed to move women from a place of uncertainty to a place of confidence, passion and power.

The Remark­able Women’s Pro­gram was designed to be a small-​group based women’s min­istry. It is a nine-​month pro­gram in which the groups meet bi-​weekly. By using this sug­gested meet­ing sched­ule, the par­tic­i­pants have an oppor­tu­nity to med­i­tate on the word of God and to process the lessons from each unit. Dur­ing the course of this nine-​month jour­ney, the women will bond and form a last­ing sis­ter­hood. In order to cre­ate a “safe zone” for each par­tic­i­pate, it is sug­gested the group size be lim­ited to 60 or fewer. This allows for a small inti­mate group set­ting. It is a pow­er­ful trans­for­ma­tional study for women’s min­istry regard­less of the size of the church.

Parenting Programs

These parenting programs equip young women and their families with positive parenting skills and skills for positive living. These classes are designed to equip pregnant young women with appropriate skills and attitudes which promote healthy development of their children, encourage higher education and teach life skills. In a caring environment, they will be empowered to reach their full potential, take responsibility for and charge of their lives, successfully move into the mainstream of society and achieve successes in life. Classes include Parenting 101, Job Readiness, Education, Relationships and Finances.

We have partnered with the Arlington West Nursing Facility in West Baltimore, and our mission is to enhance the emotional, social, and spiritual health for seniors who have limited or no family contact and who have disabilities through life's changing circumstances.

The Center for Remarkable Women Leadership Institute seeks to empower female entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders by equipping them to be better able to face the challenges encountered by women in leadership positions.

Senior Initiatives

These programs, designed for senior women and men, promote dignity and grace to those who have approached the latter portion of their lives. This project entails partnering with Nursing Homes and Senior Housing Developments. Through these partnerships seniors will be uplifted through activities and specially planned events.

Youth Programs

These programs are designed specifically for young girls aged 11-13, to build self-esteem and help encourage life choices that will lead to bright and productive futures. This program was created to positively impact the life of young girls and also adds a thrust for higher education.. It will train them to resolve issues and provide alternative ways of thinking and behaving. Some of the topics include Goal Setting, Positive Relationships and Setting Boundaries. Some activities include Etiquette Classes and a Spa Day.