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The Remark­able Women’s Pro­gram was designed to be a small-​group based women’s min­istry. It is a nine-​month pro­gram in which the groups meet bi-​weekly. By using this sug­gested meet­ing sched­ule, the par­tic­i­pants have an oppor­tu­nity to med­i­tate on the word of God and to process the lessons from each unit. Dur­ing the course of this nine-​month jour­ney, the women will bond and form a last­ing sis­ter­hood. In order to cre­ate a “safe zone” for each par­tic­i­pate, it is sug­gested the group size be lim­ited to 60 or fewer. This allows for a small inti­mate group set­ting. It is a pow­er­ful trans­for­ma­tional study for women’s min­istry regard­less of the size of the church.

The fol­low­ing units are cov­ered in the workbook:

  • Doing the Impos­si­ble – The unit encour­ages women to awaken God given dreams and to set spir­i­tual and prac­ti­cal goals.
  • A Look in the Mir­ror – The unit explores who you are in Christ. It is an intense look at who you really are by sur­vey­ing your past, dis­cov­er­ing who you are today and real­iz­ing a bet­ter you in the future.
  • Peo­ple Make the World Go Round – This unit explores rela­tion­ships. It first deals with hav­ing a rela­tion­ship with God and then moves into how to have a rela­tion­ship with your­self. In addi­tional to other rela­tional encoun­ters dis­cussed in the work­book, there is a sec­tion titled, “Why Can’t We Be Friends” that addresses how to be a good girlfriend.
  • The Myth of the Super­woman – This unit explores choices, pri­or­i­ties and bound­aries. The lessons in this unit look at learn­ing how to say no, mak­ing self a pri­or­ity and draw­ing the prover­bial line in the sand that allows for boundaries.
  • A Heart of Gold – This unit explores the fact that we are body, soul and spirit and that God com­mands that we take care of our body. It explores weight con­trol, nutri­tion, men­tal health, per­sonal appear­ance and other topics.
  • Han­dling Your Pock­et­book – This unit focuses on the finan­cial sta­tus of “A Remark­able Woman.” Some of the lessons in this unit include tithing, bud­get­ing, invest­ments, emo­tional spend­ing and mul­ti­ple streams of income.
  • Lead­ing with Grace – The unit explores the topic of lead­er­ship. The lessons look at Jesus on lead­er­ship, basic lead­er­ship char­ac­ter­is­tics, and woman-​to-​woman advice.

In addi­tion to the work­book, there is a Facilitator’s Guide which directs the group lead­ers through each les­son. Included in the Facil­i­ta­tor Guide is a Sug­gested List of Activ­i­ties that enhances each of the lessons. Some of the sug­gested activ­i­ties are tak­ing pho­tos at the begin­ning of the jour­ney and again at the end enabling the par­tic­i­pants to “see a bet­ter you”, a spa day dur­ing the Heart of Gold unit and a retreat at the end of the nine-​month journey.