Tanya Kir­ton, Assis­tant Pro­gram Director

Many preg­nant girls lack the knowl­edge, parental sup­port and guid­ance to help them become self suf­fi­cient, often result­ing in poor par­ent­ing skills, child abuse, neglect, lack of edu­ca­tion, poor bud­get­ing and job skills, home­less­ness and dys­func­tional rela­tion­ships. These young ladies are often forced to rely on wel­fare and oth­ers, who may not have their best inter­ests at heart, lead­ing to the poten­tial to pass these traits on to their children.

The mis­sion of the Beau­ti­ful Begin­nings pro­gram is to pro­vide preg­nant girls, ages 1423, appro­pri­ate skills and atti­tudes to pro­mote the healthy devel­op­ment of their chil­dren, through edu­ca­tion and life skills, in a car­ing envi­ron­ment that empow­ers them to reach their full poten­tial, take charge of and respon­si­bil­ity for their lives and suc­cess­fully move into the main­stream of soci­ety and achieve life­long successes.