Deborah Hamlette
Deb­o­rah Ham­lette, Pro­gram Coordinator

But­ter­flies rep­re­sent soar­ing to greater heights and achiev­ing goals to become what God cre­ated us to be. Many female pre­teens have dif­fi­culty tran­si­tion­ing into the role of respon­si­ble adults. As a result, many of their dreams are deferred and they fail to aspire to reach the poten­tial to suc­ceed in life. Dys­func­tional rela­tion­ships at home, low self-​esteem, and a lack of con­fi­dence to dare to dream are often major stum­bling blocks to suc­cess. Expos­ing and edu­cat­ing young ladies to the poten­tial of their tomor­row is a bridge to the path­way to excellence.

The mis­sion of the Young But­ter­flies pro­gram is to pos­i­tively impact the lives of female pre­teens and ado­les­cents and assist them in resolv­ing issues by pro­vid­ing a safe envi­ron­ment, con­ducive to open dia­logue, while fos­ter­ing the devel­op­ment of alter­na­tive ways of think­ing, respond­ing to parental, social, and envi­ron­men­tal sit­u­a­tions and circumstances.

We seek to teach, train, and trans­form female ado­les­cents by posi­tion­ing them to learn bib­li­cal prin­ci­ples, stand on those promises and pro­ceed to their pur­pose. Ulti­mately, to expose, edu­cate, and empower young girls from the ages of 11 to 16, through a Chris­t­ian foun­da­tion, to make bet­ter deci­sions and chart a path towards excel­lence in all endeav­ors. By instill­ing bib­li­cal and spir­i­tual virtues we hope to enhance their rela­tion­ship with God and affect pos­i­tive change in their lives.

Com­po­nents of the pro­gram include:YB

  • Work­shops
  • Guest Speak­ers
  • CEED — Children’s Edu­ca­tion and Entre­pre­neur­ial Development
  • Cul­tural Enrichment/​Field Trips
  • Career and Col­lege Choices
  • Ser­vice Learn­ing Project
  • “Cam­paign for Chil­dren in Crisis”

“I Dream Of A World…“
The 2014 Young But­ter­flies Video Project